• Extra materials
  • Lists of exercises
  • Discussions forum
  • Statistics
  • A simple way to share content.

    An editorial in the newspaper, an interesting news or a video on YouTube. Every teacher has already wanted to share interesting content with their students. Now, sharing content and extra materials with your students is simple and easy.

    The platform allows teachers to share files, images, videos and links in a few clicks. Students will be able to access content at any time they want from their cell phones and computers.

  • Making lists of exercises has never been easier.

    With Ducante, teachers can create lists of exercises and understand how their students are progressing. With individual and collective metrics, the teacher can understand what the students have absorbed and what they still have doubt.

    In addition to the metrics and graphics, we provide even more than 5,000 exercises to further facilitate the teacher's work. But of course, teachers can also insert their own exercises simply and easily.

  • Exchange information and questions. Learn and teach.

    With the discussion forum, students and teachers can exchange information and questions. Students are able to send in their questions and answer the questions of their colleagues.

    Collaborative learning has already proven useful worldwide. In this method, students can learn together, discuss their own doubts, and learn from friends questions.

  • Study and performance can be measured.
    We help students and teachers with this.

    Our mission from the beginning was to ensure that students learn more through their studies. The only way to effectively enforce this is by measuring and analyzing progress. The entire platform has been designed to generate student usage and improvement data.

    Lists of exercises, consumption of materials and engagement in the discussions. All of this impacts the progress of the student and we help both the student and the teacher to visualize this progress.

We do this and more.

As a technology company focused on education, we are always improving, understanding our users and seeking to develop an increasingly complete platform. If you are interested and want to know more, we can show you how Ducante works.

For years, smartphones and computers acted as agents against the studies. It's time to change that and use technology for education.


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In addition to the platform, we provide an app for the student

Most students have cell phones with internet access. So they have access to knowledge everywhere. At any time.

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